2010 Photos

My Block

Author: John Monnat

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Caption: As a grandmother and keystone of her neighborhood, the vision of one homeowner in New Orleans kept her going after Hurricane Katrina and contractor fraud had wreaked havoc on her house. Rebuilding Together New Orleans and NCCC Americorps members work to reconstruct a weathered exterior of this Centr


Author: Katrina Arnold

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Caption: NCCC working with Rebuilding Together New Orleans pulls the old nails from wood to ready the deconstructed materials for reuse.

A Team United

Author: Julian A. Howard

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Caption: Team Silver 3 cleaning a park In Sacramento CA


Author: Joshua Winata

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Caption: AmeriCorps NCCC member John Maday cuts drywall down to size for an affordable duplex built with Habitat For Humanity.

Rain Garden by the Levee

Author: Bobby McFadden

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Caption: Team Leader Dan shovels dirt out of the street while working to build a rain garden in the lower 9th ward of New Orleans.

Rain Garden Prep

Author: Bobby McFadden

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Caption: New Orleans spends more money pumping water out of the city than they spend on anything else. Rain Gardens are designed to hold in water. They consist of several layers and plants that absorb a lot of water. The less water that is pumped out of the city - the less carbon emissions are released. Ka

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