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Contest Guidelines:

Please use the following information to guide you when making your submission. For more complete information on eligibility requirements, please see the official rules. Participants are encouraged to learn more about AmeriCorps at


The Corporation is asking you to join us in educating the general public about the benefits of and opportunities in AmeriCorps by submitting up to two compelling photos that illustrate the impact of AmeriCorps. We're looking for bold, creative, and exciting photos to help educate the public about AmeriCorps and inspire them to join!

The theme of the 2010 Photo Contest is AmeriCorps Getting Things Done!

Think about the following:

  • How does AmeriCorps help America tackle some of its biggest challenges and meet educational, environmental, public safety and other human needs?
  • How can you show the difference AmeriCorps makes in your community?
  • What impacts or results has AmeriCorps members' service had on the community?
  • What impact does the AmeriCorps experience have on its members?
  • How does AmeriCorps have a transforming impact on one person's life?
  • Why should someone join AmeriCorps?
  • If you had to illustrate AmeriCorps' impact in one word or idea, what would it be?

The possible ways to show AmeriCorps "getting things done" are endless -- use your creativity and to share your AmeriCorps story. Consider capturing a photo in one or more of these AmeriCorps issue areas:

  1. Helping At-Risk Children and Youth
  2. Environmental restoration
  3. Responding to Disasters
  4. Fighting Poverty
  5. Working with Veterans
  6. Supporting Elders
  7. Teaching, Tutoring or Mentoring
  8. Engaging the Community
  9. Mobilizing Volunteers
  10. Improving Public Health

The current AmeriCorps logo must appear in your image as photos may be used in future recruitment efforts for AmeriCorps such as brochures, calendar, exhibits, public service advertising, websites, and other promotional uses, and having a visible logo increases the likelihood of its use.

There are some legal limits on what you are able to do and we will not post photos that are inappropriate or offensive. Other than that, what you put in your photo to show AmeriCorps "getting things done" is up to you!


There will be grand, first, second, and third place awards given for the best photos showing AmeriCorps Getting Things Done!

Visit the Prize Center to learn more.

Evaluation Criteria:

Photos will be judged by the following six criteria:

  1. Overall Impact (educational, inspiring, persuasive)
  2. Creativity
  3. Composition or Technical Quality
  4. Memorable Content and Delivery
  5. Expression of AmeriCorps Identity and Mission
  6. Public Rating during the Submission Period
Judging Process:

A panel of contest judges consisting of Corporation for National and Community Service staff, will review the photos and rate them using the above evaluation criteria. Using the ratings and comments of the judges, Corporation officials will select 10 finalists.

The ten finalists' photos will then be available for voting by the general public from June 28 through July 9, 2010 on the website, and public voting will determine the grand, first, second, and third place winners.

Who can Participate:

The general public including any current AmeriCorps member or AmeriCorps alumnus . The person submitting a photo may work as a team with others, but the official entry must be submitted by a current member or a single individual. Employees of the Corporation for National and Community Service, Campaign Consultation Inc., or prize awarding companies are not eligible. See official rules for more information.

Size and File Type:

Digital images should be saved as .JPG files at a suggested minimum size of: 8 by 12 inches at 250 DPI or a 3000 by 2000 pixel image.

The file name/label must carry the name of the participant and the key subject (e.g., Msmith_annualfundraiser.jpg). As noted, the contest photos or derivatives of contest photos may be used in future public service advertising campaigns for AmeriCorps, including brochures, calendar, in exhibits, displayed on websites, and other collateral uses.

Submissions and Deadlines:

Submissions will be accepted from April 19, 2010 through 11:59 pm on June 4, 2010, either through electronic upload on or via print copy and CD backup to: Stephanie Grocott, AmeriCorps Video and Photo Contest Coordinator, 2819 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21218.

Respect for Existing Copyright:

You must be the original author of everything in your photo or have written permission to use copyright protected material.

Consent from Subjects in Your Photo:

Winning participants must declare that they have written consent from people featured or identifiable in their photo. Please Note: consent requirements may vary from state to state and each participant is responsible for complying with state consent requirements.

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