Season 2009

The Long Trip Home

Author: Eric Hendrix

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The Giver

Author: Sarah Bass

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Description: A child protectively tends the shoots of two young plants.

My Year in Americorps

Author: Floria Johnson-Mason

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Description: Floria with Toddler, Hurricane Gustov, Port Allen, LA

Linked for Life

Author: Cristina Sanchez, Tim Hiller

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Description: During a high ropes course training, we linked ourselves together just for fun. Later, we realized the link we created between our team was stronger than that. The friends you make in AmeriCorps is one of the greatest things you get out of it all.


Author: Cristina Sanchez

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Description: Remodeling and refurbishing cabins to serve at-risk youth in Pennsylvania, our team learned to value each others hidden roofing skills and come together to ensure the well being of the kids that would be living and using the cabins in the near future.

Play With the Children

Author: Alison Martin

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Description: This was taken during my teams project with the Boys and Girls Club in Baton Rouge, LA.

Blessing of the House

Author: Alison Martin

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Description: Baton Rouge, LA: Habitat for Humanity. The June after Hurricane Katrina my team went to Baton Rouge to build houses with Habitat for Humanity and once the houses were raised and finished we gathered around touching the house to bless it and the family that will be living in it.

Raking Lightly on the Land

Author: Carly Neumuth

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Description: Current 2009 Team Leader for SAGA racking Nugget Falls trail at the Mendenhall Visitor Center in Juneau, AK. The Trail is being put in so visitors can have a safe trail to get upclose views of the glacier and the falls.

Catalina Island Post Raising

Author: Matthew Ramseyer

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Description: This may not be Iwo Jima but progress is still being made on Catalina as AmeriCorps NCCC members raise fence posts to control deer and bison on the island.

Take A Safe Route To School!

Author: Margaret Novak

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Description: Daniel Fernandez, an AmeriCorps member serving in Juneau, AK is shown here teaching a young student about bicycle safety at the Safe Routes to School Bicycle Rodeo.

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