Season 2009

Future AmeriCorps Members

Author: Megan Dirickson

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Description: Students build and finish chairs for a game table to donate to in-need children.

Unite, Transform, Inspire

Author: Stephanie Womack

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Description: City Year Corps Members ending a powerful day of Service in New Hampshire.

The Meaning of Americorps

Author: Kayla Czerwonka

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Description: This picture symbolizes the key elements of Americorps and the unity these elements bring when celebrated in a school and community.

Brand New Books Bring a Lot of Joy

Author: Kathryn Zielony

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Description: The first graders at Kamaile Academy in Waianae, HI bask in some of the brand new books they received through Ms. Zielony's book drive.

|k?’myoonite| (CommUnity)

Author: Jala Khateeb

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Description: When there's nothing left but broken glass & boarded windows, you can still lend a helping hand...For Closure.

|p?r’sepsh?n| (Perception)

Author: Jala Khateeb

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Description: What we see is not always what exists but what we create is eternal in our perception -a veil on foreclosure.

Sowing Seeds of Hope

Author: Sarah Bass

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Description: The hands of a twelve year old girl hold seeds of wheat before planting.

On Top of the World

Author: Zoe Zulakis

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Description: This was taken at the end of a 5 mile, 2300 ft ascent of Ptarmigan Wall in Glacier National Park. It was a slick and snowy trail so we were prone to falls and slides. Here Steve, my fellow trail crew member, extended his hand to help our friend Felesha back onto the trail.

Trail Work

Author: Mark Genito

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Description: Montana Conservation Corps field crew member Mike McCarthy, right, uses his pulaski do dig a drain on the popular Horseshoe Trail in Driggs, Idaho while fellow crew member Reza Henderson walks the trail in search of other eroded areas in need of work.

Organic Farming

Author: Andrew Carter

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Description: Our AmeriCorps team spent an afternoon learning and participating in local organic vegetable farming.

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