The following are resources that may be helpful to you in participating in the Video and Photo contest.

  1. Sample Photo and Video Release form
  2. Download a replay of the WebChat on the Video and Photo Contest
  3. Questions & Answers from the WebChat
  4. Learn about AmeriCorps and programs in your area:
    • What is AmeriCorps?
    • There are three types of AmeriCorps Programs—AmeriCorps State and National; Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) and the National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC).
    • For Information on AmeriCorps programs in your state, check out your state's profile. Here you can:
      • Select a state by clicking on the map
      • Download a list of AmeriCorps programs in your state
      • View AmeriCorps contacts in your state. These contacts can provide you with a point of contact for specific AmeriCorps programs.
      • AmeriCorps State and National is the largest branch of AmeriCorps in which about 77,000 members serve each year. Members serve with more than 1,840 organizations and are typically engaged in direct service that address needs in education, environment, health, housing, disaster response and more. Grantees include national and local nonprofits, schools, and universities, public agencies, and Native American tribes. Contact the state service commission in your state for information on local programs in your area.
      • AmeriCorps VISTA is the poverty-fighting arm of AmeriCorps. Created in 1964 as part of War on Poverty, 7,200 members currently serve with more than 1,300 project sponsors each year. VISTAs collaborate with low-income individuals and communities to fight poverty. They focus on capacity building techniques including raising funds, recruiting volunteers, and designing sustainable programs. Contact the Corporation for National and Community Service State Office in your state for information on local VISTA programs in your area.
      • AmeriCorps NCCC is a team-based residential service program with a focus on disaster response, the environment, housing, and youth development. Teams based out of five campuses in Sacramento, CA; Denver, CO; Vinton, IA; Perry Point, MD; and Vicksburg, MS travel to projects in neighboring states covering all 50 states. NCCC is open to 18-24 year-olds and 1100 members serve each year for 10 months of full time service. Contact the NCCC regional campus near you to learn about the work NCCC is doing in your area.
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