2010 Videos

One Web Day

Author: Tariq Shaheed

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Description: Americorps Members Tariq Shaheed and Ryan Hinojos make a solute to OneWebDay which is a day when users of the World Wide Web are encouraged to show how the Internet affects their lives.

Team NM/National AIDS Fund

Author: James Greer, Nicole Rae Lippert, David Koppa, Amos R. Ben, Arika Wiggins, Timothy Rugile

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Description: Getting things done.

Could Be You

Author: Alese Colehour

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Description: One person could change the course of history.

Prisoner Reentry Vista Collaborative

Author: Julie Miller

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Description: Seven AmeriCorps Vista volunteers work full-time on prisoner reentry projects at six agencies in the state of Delaware. The agencies are Stand Up for what's Right and Just, the Office of the Public Defender of Delaware, the Delaware Center for Justice, the Elizabeth House Family Life Center, Delaware Reentry Consortium, and A Center for Relational Living. Projects at the six agency sites all relate to eradicating poverty and improving prisoner reentry programs. Work ranges from expanding mentoring services for ex-offenders, to expanding a program for geriatric prisoners, recruiting behavioral coaches for former prisoners who suffer from ADHD, to increasing the capacity and sustainability of organizations that serve ex-offenders.

Explore the Possibilities

Author: Crystal Wales

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Description: There are a lot of ways you can make a difference in AmeriCorps. Here are a few examples.

YCVP Getting The Dirt

Author: Donna Bellina

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Description: Yavapai County VISTA Projects get their hands dirty as they help to plant a community garden in collaboration with the community supported agriculture program through Prescott College. Original music provided by VISTA leader Laura Prosseda's band "Hot Honey."

Stepping into Service

Author: Mary Gossett

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Description: This video portrays the phrase "to truly know someone, you must walk a mile in their shoes." Then the video concludes with images from experiences that have helped me to wear the shoes of others through servanthood.

You Can

Author: Kolleen Burbank

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Description: This video is based off the Zimbabwean proverb "If you can talk you can sing. If you can walk you can dance." It shows how many things a member of AmeriCorps can do with their talents.

Bringing Community Service to Life

Author: R. Jared Jacobs, T. J. Williams

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Description: "It is up to you to bring the ideas behind community service to life." We have portrayed this thought by animating community workers doing a project, then bringing the footage back to live-action.

Albany Police AmeriCorps- Getting Things Done for Albany, GA

Author: Denise Barnes

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Description: Albany Police AmeriCorps focus on bridging the gap between the Albany Police Department and the community through youth and senior citizen outreach, crime prevention strategies, and community interaction. The cadets wrote, produced, and recorded this original song to spread the service of AmeriCorps.

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