2010 Videos

Just One Crew

Author: Nathan Burmester

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Description: Over the past month our crew has had many opportunities to make a difference in our community and to engage in several restoration projects in Northern MN. A large portion of this work was done in Itasca State Park which is the headwaters for the Mississippi River.

What Are We Doing About It?

Author: Sara Neill

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Description: The National AIDS Fund's Washington, D.C. team educates others on what they are doing to stop the spread of AIDS in the United State's most affected city.

AmeriCorps in 58 Seconds!

Author: Jean Beller

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Description: This video is a quick perspective of AmeriCorps in Georgia.

Getting Things Done For America: Six Steps...

Author: Casey Armstrong

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Description: This video outlines the steps of a member carrying out their AmeriCorps service. The video uses visual examples and the steps of juggling to move along the narrative.

Getting Things Done in Memphis

Author: Porter-Leath

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Description: Members are Getting Things Done in Memphis, Tennessee!

Friends are Flowers in Life's Garden

Author: Saharra White

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Description: AmeriCorps members beautify a local elementary school in southern California.

Piece by Piece

Author: Brigid McCarthy, Greg Banecker

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Description: AmeriCorps VISTA's from Cooperative Federal in Syracuse, NY show how AmeriCorps team members can work together to get things done.

National AIDS Fund/Caring Counts Team Chicago

Author: Arun Nagaraju

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Description: Pictures of NAF Team Chicago getting things done. We do HIV prevention, outreach, as well as many other activities benefiting each citizen of the city.

Americorps- Quick to Take Action!

Author: Shannon Phillips

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Description: A humorous approach to a serious commitment demonstrating ways in which Americorps members take action and make things happen for America.

AmeriCorps Is . . .

Author: Julie Walker

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Description: There are so many different forms of service you can do in AmeriCorps. No matter what program you choose, you can rest assured that you will be getting things done!

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