2010 Videos

With Americorps

Author: Christi M.

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Description: At the YWCA Family Center, Americorps members strive to change the world - one child at a time. With core values like education, teamwork, and service, our work can begin to make a difference. Change the world...with Americorps.

The AmeriCorps Experience

Author: Anthony Georgetti

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Description: Bay Area Community Resources AmeriCorps VISTAs talk about the AmeriCorps experience.


Author: Megan McCarty

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Carrying Our Community

Author: Jaime Olive, Vince Camiolo, Katy Washington, PTCF AmeriCorps Team

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Description: How AmeriCorps are getting things done in their communities

Getting things done on RECESS!

Author: jay flewelling

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Description: The transformation of Recess at Bridger K-8 school in my year of service.

Washburn University AmeriCorps VISTA - Getting Things Done!

Author: John Ary

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Description: VISTA volunteers from the Washburn University AmeriCorps program show how they "Get Things Done" in their community.

AmeriCorps National AIDS Fund Caring Counts Team Detroit

Author: Sarah Dettloff, Maxwell Cameron, Te'Niece Dobbins, Anthony Turner, Emmanuel Quinn, Michael Balkin

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Description: The AmeriCorps National AIDS Fund Caring Counts team in Detroit provides counseling, testing, case management and quality of life services to those infected and affected with HIV/AIDS.

Everyday Heros

Author: Selket Guzman

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Description: The Emergency Services Corps was developed to help recruit and retain volunteer firefighters. Each member is stationed at a fire station within New Castle County, fire prevention CPR classes, and overall safety awareness is provided to the public.

National AIDS Fund AmeriCorps Team Tulsa

Author: Lauren Corr

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Description: National AIDS Fund AmeriCorps Team Tulsa 2009-2010 providing HIV education, testing, counseling, and case management in the community.


Author: Joel Clymer,Todd Matte, Michael Reid

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Description: This video features footage of how Educationworks gets things done! It also features an interview by Educationwork's first AmeriCorps member, Kim Glodek. She explains the significance of AmeriCorps' role in disadvantaged communities.

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