2010 Videos

What Would You Get Done?

Author: Sadie Robins-Murov, Justin Remer

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Description: This video offers a peek into the work of New York Community HealthCorps VISTAs. We improve the capacity of health centers to provide quality health services and programs to medically under-served people. As the video shows, this work includes community outreach, pediatric literacy initiatives, chronic disease self-management programs, and computerization of health information. This just scratches the surface of what we do, but it shows why we do this work, why it's important, and our hope to encourage others to join us and the national service movement.

Buffalo Americorps

Author: Naomi Porter

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AmeriCorps: We Can Do It!

Author: Christina Bearce

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Description: An inspirational video featuring testimonials from AmeriCorps members of the Central Coast Volunteer Corps in San Luis Obispo, California

My Generation; Making a Difference

Author: Rosa Silva

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Description: La Fe AmeriCorps in action- Tutoring the young minds, community outreach and services and performing arts.

Austin AmeriCorps Awareness Week, May 2010

Author: Donald Thompson

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Description: Here is Austin's finest at their best. AmeriCorps Alums and current members from all of the different ways to serve their communities came out all week for awareness activities and rallies culminating in a great day of service.

Houston's Greatest

Author: Veronica Atkins

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Description: A brief overview of the College For All Texans Foundation with AmeriCorps VISTAs in Houston, Texas

One Choice - The Ohio College Guides

Author: Stephen Merrill

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Description: AmeriCorps Week Video Entry - The Ohio College Guides, an AmeriCorps college advising team serving in high schools in the greater Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati areas made a big difference in the high schools they served advising about college choices. This video is a glimpse into the work of this remarkable team serving thousands of students, and affirms one choice made by all AmeriCorps members about making a difference.

Heal the World

Author: Amanda Vecciarelli

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What Does "A" Mean to You?

Author: Lauren Harris, Alma Vasquez, Justin Hedayati

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Description: Find out what “A” means to you. Join AmeriCorps and get things done for America! Permission to use music by Rod Harris


Author: Kristen Sayers

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Description: Use to getting things done? (Based on an Actual Event)

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