Season 2007

Heroes Wanted!

Author: Josh Proehl, Kathy Young

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Description: This is what AmeriCorps would look like in Comic Vision! We are all heroes with the service we do, lets make a comic out of us!

Be The Change

Author: Kasey Paulk, Mike Martin

  • Views: 9085
  • Comments: 37
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Description: This video captures my service as a Ga PAS Corps member.

Changing Lives

Author: Patrick D Metzger, West Seneca / WNY AmeriCorps

  • Views: 14895
  • Comments: 102
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Description: When you join AmeriCorps you start changing people's lives, and they pass it on...


Author: Dan Alberti

  • Views: 5747
  • Comments: 12
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Description: This is one in a series of three short commercials. This one focuses more on NCCC.

Graduation Day

Author: Dan Alberti

  • Views: 4172
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Description: This is the second in a series of three short commercials. This one focuses on recent grads.

60 seconds?

Author: Caleb Oquendo

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Description: a brief of what is americorps for me.


Author: Will S. Baird & Kevin Barrere for Volunteer Macon

  • Views: 5408
  • Comments: 15
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Description: A narrative with images of what AmeriCorps members. Original acoustic guitar track by Will S. Baird.

1700 Hours

Author: Holly Franz, Jessica McKenna, Ariana Lupercio

  • Views: 4326
  • Comments: 34
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Description: We asked the question, "What can you do with 1700 hours?" The answers will amaze you.

The Kitchen

Author: Dan Alberti

  • Views: 3272
  • Comments: 4
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Description: This is the third of a series of three short commercials. This one targets the more altruistic type.

It's Our World, So Now's the Chance To Make It Better!

Author: Kim Preuit

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Description: What is AmeriCorps? Watch and see how you can help to change the world, one helping hand at a time!

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