Season 2007

Voices of AmeriCorps

Author: Josh Proehl (creator), Ellene Smith (editor), Dave Morrin (co-filmer)

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Description: Members from Washington and Oregon telling us what AmeriCorps means to them. We spent some time filming over 4 hours of peoples stories in AmeriCorps, here is 60 seconds of it!

Hands of Service

Author: Josh Proehl

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Description: A video about the inspiring AmeriCorps network and all that we do. Using my hands my voice and photos I have taken and gathered this year I create this piece.

why americorps

Author: kevin c. decker

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Description: a quick glimps of a daily life of americorps service.

My Ameri Experience

Author: Mya B

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Description: My film is a personal testimony to my AmeriCorps experience. I take viewers on a journey of some of the parks I worked in during my service and similar projects.

Why Americorps?

Author: Alison Cadd

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Description: Americorps volunteer and Habitat homeowners' children tell why.

Making a Difference

Author: Mike Moore (Photographer / Director), Ashley Haugen (Photographer), Music (Salsa Rio Arriba /

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Description: AmeriCorps is not just about making a difference in the lives of others. There's a sense of camaraderie, satisfaction, shared sacrifice, a connection to greater purpose. Why else would so many people, voluntarily dedicate themselves to doing so much, for so little money? It must be about so much more than the money. I get up in the morning and look forward to going to work. How many jobs can you say that about?


Author: Taylor M. Michael

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Description: This video showcases members that work with the Children's Hunger Alliance in Columbus, Ohio by advocating healthy and fit lifestyles and serving the community through education and partnership.

Americorps Tribute

Author: Brian Weisse

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Author: Ian Gold, Marisa Vescio

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Description: What would happen if AmeriCorps members suddenly disappeared? It's not pretty.

Someone should do something

Author: Ella Kliger,

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Description: When we see and hear about problems in the United States we often think, "Someone should do something". Whitney Behr chose to do something. She chose to join AmeriCorps.

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