Season 2007

Tara Davis Music and Arts Festival

Author: Devin Gallagher, KEYS Service Corps

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Description: This event benefited the Tara Davis Memorial Music Fund established by Tara’s Host Site and the KEYS Service Corps.

AmeriCorps/A Community of Hope!

Author: Mary Anne Benner (Cinematographer, Director, and Editor), Michael Benner (Music), Veronica Carrillo (Boom operator)

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Description: Idaho Community HealthCorps members with the Instititute of Rural Health, Hispanic Health Projects, and Health West work with Habitat for Humanity to help build a home for a family. Interviews express what it means to be a part of AmeriCorps.

Why AmeriCorps?

Author: Laura Hernandez, Producer, Lupe Valdivia-Gomez, Community Service Worker, Vickie Myers, Editor, Eckart Seeber, Music

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Description: Public Service Announcement to raise awarness of National Service/AmeriCorps.

A Love Letter to New Orleans

Author: Robert X Fogarty

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Description: To those who may want to join AmeriCorps: Many of us now realize that the journey of service has no viewable end. Many have come before and many will come after. For some, it tends to be a year of self-exploration rather than giving. The people you'll meet will more than likely have a larger impact on you than you on them. It's the best part about AmeriCorps. Please don’t sell New Orleans short without seeing her first. There is enough of her beauty to go around, and I’m ok with that. In fact it’s the only way our relationship will ever work. She’s too amazing for me to be selfish.

For the Puppies

Author: Dan Doromal, Devon Jones, Steve Schwartz, Krystal Chojnacki, Matt Riccardo

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Description: This is the real reason why every AmeriCorps member joins AmeriCorps.

Unbridled Enthusiasm

Author: David Hunter, Gary the Dog, Neubia Williams, Bobbie O'Connor, Elisa Barety, Megan Johnson

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Description: AmeriCorps changed Gary's life.

Are you up for the challange?

Author: John Nekich

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Description: In a gym playing ball. Why Americorp? Teamwork, Responsibility, Growth, and Community.

Winthrop Rockefeller Center AmeriCorps: Members In Action, Living the Pledge

Author: Marquita Rogers, Christopher Etheridge, all member participated

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Description: Members in action, living the pledge

Fighting Poverty

Author: Dan Doromal, Steve Schwartz, Devon Jones, Matt Riccardo, Krystal Chojnacki

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Description: Sometimes poverty needs a good kicking in the arse.

"Member Benefits"

Author: Marjoire Morris-Roberts

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Description: All the "benefits" of being an AmeriCorps Member!

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