Season 2007

We Get Things Done!

Author: Lora Alaniz for Austin AmeriCorps Awareness Committee

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Description: This is a collaborative work with input from all of Austin AmeriCorps Groups. We Get Things Done! Video by: Lora Alaniz, VISTA Austin, Texas for Austin AmeriCorps Awareness Committee

Kindergarten Children Rolling Up Their Sleaves for Service Learning

Author: Sarah Hansen

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Description: My Kindergarten children participated in a service learning project with a local nursing home. The students worked with residents who were in the late stages of Alheimer's Disease. They learned about the elderly through research, surveys, lessons, and the service learning visits. They were able to help the residents by doing the following: painting pictures, planting flowers, talking to them, reading to them, singing with them, and playing instruments with them.

Why Not?

Author: Stacy Weiss & Laura Ditroia

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Description: What would the world look like with more AmeriCorps members? Showing the power of many.

Appalachian Coal Country Watershed Team

Author: Matthew Colvin

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Description: Depiction of the Appalachian Coal Country Watershed team of VISTAs and the program director, Dr. T Allan Comp

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