Season 2008

Why AmeriCorps? Why Not!

Author: Jamie Walker

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Description: I asked my fellow KEYS Service Corps members why they joined and why others should join AmeriCorps. One response was "why not!" I couldn't agree more. If you can think of one reason not to join AmeriCorps, we can show you a thousand reasons why you should!

Will you join the fight?

Author: Ashley Andersen, Nathan Andersen

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Description: This video is a play on the AmeriCorps VISTA mission to specifically fight poverty in America with passion. The villain Poverty takes control over the city. Police and city officials turn to the help from superhero Americorps. It shows that anyone who joins AmeriCorps is a superhero. Will you join?

I Serve Here.

Author: M. Mizner

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Author: Stephanie Sears

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Description: Our hands our powerful tools with the ability to change the world. However, we often use them for mundane, wasteful, and selfish things. Through joining Americorps, the full, positive potential of hands can be realized. Through joining Americorps, hands will no longer serve themselves, but also the community. Hands can make a difference. So, what will you do with your hands?

There or Here

Author: Alejandra Gomez, Krystle Seschillie

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Description: Everyone dreams of maybe volunteering and serving in another country, but the realization is that you are needed just as much here in the States. MUSIC by "© 2008 Jupiterimages Corporation"

Why AmeriCorps

Author: Cheryl Frierson Horton

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Description: No matter what the job is, We Get It Done!

I'll Mend

Author: Carly Neumuth

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Description: Americorps oath with photos from serving

Real American Heroes

Author: April Weatherman, Dawn Lee

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Description: Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities AmeriCorps Members Service Video

Breaking News: Americorps*VISTA Saves Dysfunctional Organization

Author: Erica Fricke

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Description: Here, Americorps members show an organization how they can "get things done."

Why NOT AmeriCorps?

Author: Dustin Shanafelter

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Description: A recap of all the benefits of joining AmeriCorps, based on video of my personal experience in the program.

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