Season 2008

AmeriCorps & the Jumpstart Program

Author: courtney o'keefe, Erica Kent

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Description: Jumpstart rocks!

Solace in Service

Author: Ted Cianciosi

  • Views: 1573
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Description: Inspired by two national disasters, a city boy finds solace in service: A true account of why one current member joined AmeriCorps.

Lifetime of Service

Author: Kris Carter

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Description: AmeriCorps Alums go on to fill positions as teachers, non-profit directors, and other civil service profession. This film shows just a few of those Alums five years after their service. Music from "Free Play Music"

One Person at a Time

Author: Andrew Suseno

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Description: This video is in honor of the Do-It-Yourself empowerment I have nurtured through Americorps.

AmeriChorus: Getting Things Done

Author: Laura Wood

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Description: Musical AmeriCorps PSA. Yeah, it's a music video.

Americorps: Animals in Action

Author: Ellen Pattee

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Description: Forest animal speak out about Americorps members.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Author: Chris Jergensen

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Description: I believe that as an americorps alumni, americorps is all about helping others out. I beleive that we need to show these kids there is a more positive road to life than just drugs and gangs.

I want to get things done.

Author: Cristina Sanchez

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Description: Collage of images that represent the themes in the AmeriCorps Pledge

MLK Day New Orleans

Author: Sarah Pierantoni

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Description: An AmeriCorps PSA created by footage from an AmeriCorps service day in New Orleans, 2008.

Things Done

Author: Rex Dulay

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Description: At AmeriCorps, we strive to get things done...and we usually do!

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