Season 2008

My Year

Author: Roger Palmer

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Description: A reflective piece over several corps members year.

Put Your Best Face Foward

Author: Roger Palmer

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Description: This is a song written by Carlo Sica about his NCCC team. The video was made by Roger Palmer, NCCC Alumni.

VISTA! - A New Hit

Author: Rachel Carter

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Description: A promo for the series premiere of... VISTA! These are characters you will come to care about and whose lives you will want to be a part of. Don't miss a single episode!

Why AmeriCorps?

Author: Sonia Echevarria, Omar Echevarria

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Description: This video shows our communities necessities and the importance that all citizens participate of the AmeriCorps programs.

Why AmeriCorps

Author: Teri Selogy

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Description: It gives valid reasons for joining AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps, Being There

Author: Damaqu Meronvil

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Description: AmeriCorps NJCDC in Paterson N.J. helping families rebuild their homes on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans

The Office of AmeriCorps*VISTA *Spoof*

Author: David Hunter

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Description: What is AmeriCorps*VISTA? These office-bound volunteers sit down with us for a brief documentary on AmeriCorps*VISTA (Note--this is a humorous spoof!)

Why I Serve

Author: Nikki Smith

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Description: Why do I serve? To get things done!

Helping Others Find Success

Author: Tara Barth

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Description: Helping others find success is what AmeriCorps is all about. Success can be as simple as asking "How are you?" in English. It's easier than you might think to make a difference. Music:

The AmeriCorps Experience

Author: Greg Heinrich

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Description: AmeriCorps alumni share words of motivation to inspire the next class of AmeriCorps members

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