Season 2008

CCC UCanServe Colorado Rural Health

Author: Chris Bauch and June Inuzuka

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Description: Physician's Assistant medical students log time in rural Colorado bringing medical care to communities without doctors.

It's Alright

Author: Gilberto Lucero

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Description: 60 second spot using political speeches from public archives and song "It's Alright" by William Walter & Co.

Sunshiny Day

Author: Ramon Reyes

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Description: I made a commercial and decided to make the music for it as well. Lyrics are as follows so much to do in such a short day it's all i can do, just to, make a better way when there's stress and strife it's time to blaze my way making friends again, it's just another day! i like it when i have a cause these things we do..they're not for a what but a who but what's the cost if we all don't act for if we don't act, who will pick up our slack another day another day, yeah, It's a feeling i get, on a sunshiny day so lets get up today, and make it o.k. ( and go seize the day)/and make someone's day))) sit the kiddies down, & open up another book Thanks! Ramon


Author: Danny Carratala, Karla Young

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Description: Lights...Camera...AmeriCorps!

This is AmeriCorps

Author: Christy McKinnon

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