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"I'm for...AmeriCorps"

Author: Katherine Dalglish

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Description: The following video was created by AmeriCorps*State member Katherine “Katie” Dalglish. Since October 2008, Katie has been teaching GED Prep to adult students in the St. Paul's Community Development Corporation Next Step Adult Education Program. Katie responded to the call of National Service by leaving the comforts of home in San Antonio, TX, in order to Get Things Done in Paterson, NJ. She is joined by others who also heeded the call and made the life-altering decision to travel from all parts of the United States to Make a Difference. Some of her fellow members are included in this video.

AmeriCorps Cape Cod - People Coming Together to Get Things Done!

Author: Ashleigh McCord

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Description: AmeriCorps Cape Cod is a residential service program focusing on natural resource management, education, volunteer engagement, and disaster preparedness and response in Barnstable County. Here's an example of how we get things done for the community and the environment!

Wake Up in the Morning Knowing You Will Make a Difference

Author: Deborah Fontaine, Brandon Jordan

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Description: Community Action Association of Pennsylvania VISTA Deborah Fontaine and United Way of Pennsylvania VISTA Brandon Jordan work together with students from a local college to aid The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank in assembling food for families. This project is a highlight of the VISTA's dedication to improving the community around them while encouraging others to give their time to help those in need.


Author: Cyre Beaumont, Evan Beaumont

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Description: AmeriCorps is checking things off its list through sheer, human power.

The Americorps Interview

Author: Max Clendaniel

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Description: The clay character represents kids just coming out of high school and how Americorps can mold them into somebody for the future. I wanted to show how Americorps can be the best experience for kids just getting out of school and who aren't sure what to do in the future.

Use These

Author: Linda Raynes

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Description: This video highlights different ways that AmeriCorps Members change their communities through service. There is a special emphasis on using one's hands--using the "tools" that one is already equipped with--to serve. Some may feel inadequate and unprepared, but "getting things done" as an AmeriCorps member simply requires a head, heart, and set of hands ready to serve.

Words Into Action

Author: Mary Gordon

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Description: AmeriCorps puts words into action through positive change in communities across the United States. Lives can be touched in genuine ways through all facets of AmeriCorps. Whether your focus is education, the environment, even housing or poverty, AmeriCorps has a place for you and all you have to give.

Getting Things Done

Author: Blake Brown

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Description: This video was made with the AmeriCorps Group of HandsOn Bay Area in San Francisco. We consist of 2 VISTA's, 2 CAAC's and 10 MTAC' s. This was shot at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on May 10th during our AmeriCorps Week service project.


Author: Dan Fellows

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Description: Why we do it? AmeriCorps that is. Its not for money, fame, etc. The answer is very simple. To get things done.

AmeriCorps: Getting Things Done

Author: Derence Walk

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