Season 2009

A World to Believe In

Author: Prima Mosi

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Description: This video reflects on the work done by AmeriCorps volunteers. The full version of the video is posted on the National VOAD website:

Getting Things Done

Author: Jenn Dumont

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Description: 2009 AmeriCorps Video contest - AmeriCorps ERC: Williston Fire Department, Williston, VT

Bridging the Educational Achievement Gap: The Americorps Way

Author: Thomas Zahler

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Description: This video is a view of City of Lakes Americorps members bridging the achievement gap for academically low performing students in the Minneapolis School District.

Public Allies changing the world with their own hands

Author: Dan Condon

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Description: The Public Allies fellowship program at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center ( supports new ways of leading that are right for the times and right for a unique student population. The Fellowship Program provides twelve individuals with an advanced yearlong service and leadership development program focused on education and youth development at the nationally recognized Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center located in Estes Park, Colorado (, (recognized as a National Service-Learning Leader School in 1999 by Learn and Serve America and currently a Learn and Serve America National Service-Learning Clearinghouse Program Advisors). Founded in 1993, Eagle Rock is a tuition-free residential high school that serves diverse young people (ages 15-21) from across the country who have not succeeded in conventional schools.

The MACC Crew Getting Things Done

Author: Jonathan Roecker

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Description: Our crew of 12 is responsible for removing ladder fuels in the West's forests to prevent wildfires from spreading and/or intensifying.

Gaining Experience and Getting Things Done!

Author: David Dart

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Description: David Darts video on impact of Americorps year.

What are you doing for your community?

Author: Liz Berliant, Christi Kramer

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Description: Eagle Rock Public Allies empower youth to positively affect their communities.

Crew 3S's Class Cheer

Author: Rachel Schiller

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Description: As a Teach for America corps member, I work hard to invest all of my students and ensure they are on the path to success. Our class cheer is a way we remind ourselves of our long term goal: going to college!

Americorps: Helping the World get things done

Author: Jennifer Spangler

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Description: A montage of Americorps members and local community volunteers working together to make a difference

Tutor's Paradise

Author: Jeff A. Kirkland

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Description: The Day In The Life singers, while under Thomas Jefferson's Rotunda,T invite the area children and University of Virginia students to participate in our tutoring/mentoring program.

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