Season 2009

AmeriCorps Gives Hope

Author: Peter Bankole

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Description: A short video consisting activities University of louisiana AmeriCorps member participated, which shows how AmeriCorps makes an impact in our community. Enjoy!!!

The Shooting Star Scholars Class Motto

Author: Kathryn Zielony

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Description: The class motto of the first grade Shooting Star Scholars.

Ronnie-Rae's Letter to Barack Obama

Author: Kathryn Zielony

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Description: Ronnie-Rae, a first grader, reads her personal letter to President Barack Obama.

HealthCorps-Getting Things Done

Author: Paul Hazen

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Description: Highlighting Grand Rapids, MI Community HealthCorps

The Faces of VISTA

Author: Deborah Fontaine, Brandon Jordan

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Description: VISTA's Deborah Fontaine and Brandon Jordan speak about the impact volunteering as an AmeriCorps*VISTA has made on their lives and their communities.

AmeriCorps-Getting Things Done

Author: Terra Robinson

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Description: This video shows some of the reasons why being an AmeriCorps member is such a rewarding experience.

Getting things done for America in Arizona

Author: Rachel Jaramillo, Joshua Bernstein

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Description: The 2009 LeaderCorps group, alumni, and other volunteers held a carwash to benefit the Arizona AmeriCorps Alumni Chapter and the Kevin Collins Fund. Kevin was a long time supporter of volunteerism and his life was taken by a client of CASS, Central Arizona Shelter Services, where he worked.


Author: Bryan Lamoreau

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Description: Members prove how they get things done for America through hard work and commitment as they recite the Americorps pledge.

Why I Joined

Author: Darren Latanick

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Description: I wanted to create a video project that could show prospective members why current members joined and how Americorps helps to benefit specific communties like Commerce City, Colorado where our CARENET program is based.


Author: Willy Benson Ochaya

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Description: "HelpTech AmeriCorp provides technology resources to bridge the digital divide by providing disabled and disadvantaged persons with educational and vocational programs, in their own neighborhoods, that prepare them to effectively participate in our contemporary and competitive information-based society.”

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