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Americorps Getting Things Done

Author: Tiffany Lowe

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Description: This video is just a short clip on what Americorps has to offer and what I was given the opportunity to do as an Americorps member in the last 2 years

Six Word Essays By LEAP Members

Author: Cole Zrostlik, K Crain

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Description: Learning Early Achieves Potential. The earliest years of a child's life are critical not only for brain development, but for forming social bonds and learning how to make good decisions. Our initiative has focused this year on helping Southern Minnesota's youngest citizens develop socially and emotionally, not only helping them with their transition into kindergarten, but hopefully making them better equipped to lead a happy, non-violent, and nurtured life. The video was made in collaboration with all LEAP members; we invest our time, we invest in the future.

What Does an AmeriCorps VISTA Do?

Author: Matthew Dolezal

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VISTA Flood Recovery: Getting Things Done

Author: Bonnie Sorensen, Luisa Sondie

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Description: The video is a multi- media slide show that contains voice over quotes from our members regarding how they view their term of service so far.

Getting Things Done... With A Song

Author: John Fayhee

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Real People Doing Real Things

Author: Jonathan Castillo, Adriana Price, Quintin Prout, ellen piangerelli

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Description: This video represents all the AmeriCorps programs in our home state of Rhode Island. Each program clip illustrates the many kinds of diverse service AmeriCorps Members contribute on a national level. The clips you see in this video are an amalgamation of all the ways we are "Getting Things Done!"

Live it, Love it

Author: Kaylan Quist (Minor)

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Description: This video provides a brief glimpse into the reasons why people serve with AmeriCorps. As we hear from current AmeriCorps members, we are reminded of the many opportunities you have to serve in whichever capacity suits you best.

Working the museums of Miami, FL

Author: Jennifer Lane

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Description: Watch a VISTA in Miami go back into the neighborhood she grew up in work in...Overtown, Miami, a city of high crime but heavy community involvement in making things better

Getting Things Done!

Author: Ramah Kudaimi, Samar Damra, Besan Quran, Shorook Quran, Nina Shoman-Dajani, Fatmah Tabally

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Description: Our work at the Arab American Action Network

AmeriCorps Power

Author: Mazuri Colley, Lily Abt

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Description: This is an animated depiction of the transformation of a house that was made into a home.

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