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Kolleen Burbank


LQ222    (678 days ago)

I was inspired to teach after watching this, Thank you!

emaccarthy    (682 days ago)

This truly moved me. It is really inspiring and the music is fantastic! I want this cd! Great job Kolleen! I am impressed!

scburbank    (684 days ago)

The photos, the words, the simplicity, all work well to get the point across. It is so nice to see young people who care about the future of their fellow human beings.

bdonnelly109    (685 days ago)

Even if you had no idea what Americorps does, this video makes an immediate impact. Very clear and concise. Good Work!

mbshan    (685 days ago)

This video really expresses the valuable and life-changing impact of Americorps service. Terrific!

mlopez    (685 days ago)

100% agreed!

hixpix    (685 days ago)

Poignant! Such a beautiful message in words and pictures ~~

rt_peters    (685 days ago)

The images and words concisely communicate Americorps' vision . Nicely done.

Steve S    (685 days ago)

Wow this is really good!

K. Burbank, Canaan, NH    (695 days ago)

I enjoyed the video and its message - Nice job expressing what Americorps is about!


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