“Biogenesis” podcast highlights MIT students behind cutting-edge biology research

The MIT Department of Biology and Whitehead Institute have established “BioGenesis,” an innovative new podcast showcasing associated graduate pupils and their particular tales about in which they came from, and exactly how their experiences have actually formed their analysis.

In each event, co-hosts Raleigh McElvery, communications coordinator during the Department of Biology, and Conor Gearin, digital and social media marketing professional at Whitehead Institute, introduce yet another pupil and — once the name of the podcast reveals — explore the guest’s source tale.

This first period centers around the motif of shocks. The inaugural episode features Kwadwo Owusu-Boaitey, a soccer player-turned MD/PhD pupil studying tissue regeneration in planarians, a type of flatworm. Owusu-Boaitey ended up being desperate for a very good way to map the stem cells during these remarkable animals when he took place upon a fresh tool that would enable him to accomplish that, and probe how a flatworm can regrow its system.

The 2nd event features Alicia Zamudio, who spent my youth in Mexico City, Mexico, intention on going to college in the usa and studying person behavior. Although she initially meant to go after composing or therapy, one class persuaded this lady to consider molecular biology as an alternative — through a give attention to exactly how cells control the appearance of genetics that dictate the identity each and every cellular in our bodies.

The next episode features summertime Morrill, who was determined to make use of her background in biology to be a genetic therapist before arriving at MIT and becoming captivated by fundamental cellular biology. Now, she investigates cancer and other conditions from a molecular point of view, asking what the results are when chromosomes mis-segregate and cells end up getting an improper few genetics.

BioGenesis is a component of a bigger effort to fairly share the private stories behind scientific discoveries, clarifying the experimental procedure and demonstrating the importance of fundamental biology study within the MIT neighborhood and beyond. From learning structure regeneration in worms to probing the molecular basis for illness, fundamental studies have implications far beyond the lab workbench.

“The enthusiasm for basic biology that these graduate students have, and their particular excitement for sharing their technology utilizing the globe, truly impressed united states,” Gearin says.

“Hearing all of them revisit the moments and people that in the beginning influenced all of them to pursue research underscored the importance of good mentorship — as well as the various ways that fundamental biological discoveries can impact community,” McElvery adds.

BioGenesis is present on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Google Enjoy, along with the podcast pages when it comes to MIT Department of Biology and Whitehead Institute.